3 thoughts on “Tom Hanks se convierte en Capitán Phillips

  1. Hey now, i’m bein framed here! First, she’s 17 and sencod, I try and drive my little girls nuts when she’s on Disney and I hit the mute button when she starts wailing I harbor no lustful intentions towards the young lady, lets be clear. I just can’t stand her music you sick bastards.

  2. a1028109 / battery life ? Apps for 7″ screen ? seems lot of stuff copied from Apple (like book reader). Any newspaper in special format or just a standard wep page ?a better multimedia device then a smart phone – or just a huge smartphone

  3. Removing the "Flying spaghetti monster" video from youtube is discrimination against pastafarians. This is a completely non-offensive video which promotes our religion. End the discrimination!!!

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