4 thoughts on “Rihanna y Jennifer López lanzan videos para sus temas en la película HOME

  1. What a pleusare to find someone who thinks through the issues

  2. Wow . You’re nuts. Brilliant work . Should be screened, it won’t, cause self deprecating humour and shame isn’t something you want the neighbours to see, you’d be labelled Unserious.They did the right thing in censoring you . For themselves and their freaky insecurity.Keeep it up .

  3. [quote comment=”86005″]all this means only that Super franks role in our team is irreplacable….this may be the longest period in my memory that we are not playing with super Frank….we are able to win without DD, essien, terry and others, but not super frank…..[/quote]A vicious conspiracy theory is circulating regarding Lampard. Frank is apparently faking his injuries in order for TSO to snap him up, well rested, rejuvenated and most important not cup-tied for the CL.Reply

  4. hey jon, wanna know the real solution? there would be NO bombs ever raining down in izrael if izrael 1) lifted the illegal siege and 2) complied with and abided fully with international law. in other words, izrael brings this on themselves…it’s called self-delegitimization, and izrael is the world champion of that!

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