3 thoughts on “LG INNOFEST 2016

  1. SÃ¥ mye fint du hekler… Og heldige vinner som fikk et av prtokudene dine. Jeg er helt imponert over alt du rekker. Skulle ønske jeg kunne ha din driv ;O)Tusen takk for hyggelig komentar inne hos meg, setter sÃ¥ utrolig pris pÃ¥ det.Ha en flott søndags kveld.Klem fra Hill-Iren

  2. El día que todos los juegos tengan que ser para toda la familia y no se pueda enseñar casquería apaga y vámonos, en su día disfruté con el Carmageddon y el Manhunt me parece uno de los mejores juegos de sigilo que hay, no por eso soy un asesino en serie.

  3. Don’t know about Cantor, but on Trend Exchange, a studio could not participate unless they were to contractually agree to divulge their calculation methods if their published opening weekend box office receipt differs more than a calculated 2-year standard deviation from the number calculated by Trend Exchange based on the raw data received by the 6600 theaters in the U.S.In short, if the studio doesn’t agree, they can’t trade.

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